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The report
- how to make money on SMS

The growth and earnings on SMS are far from being at an end. A new Klondike
is on its way and it seems as if the Norwegian mobile operators are the only
ones who have realised what the gold is: Premium SMS services. The premium
SMS services can be compared to a treasury that is wide open: It is just
waiting for the world's mobile operators to find out about it and start
cashing in!

Our new report shows how great the possibilities of extra earnings on SMS
actually are. At the same time, it will give a clear picture of the possible
services that can be used in the hunt for the gold.

Among other interesting findings, this report tells us that:

- The possibility for higher earnings within the area of premium SMS
services worldwide is gigantic.

- In the UK alone the potential for the SMS market is somewhere between 424
million and 1.36 billion Euros.

- In the first year after its launch, the market for premium SMS services in
Norway is expected to exceed the value of advertising on the Internet.

- In year 2001 alone, the premium SMS services in Norway, where there are
3.5 million mobile subscribers, are expected to contribute more than 60
million Euros.

- The potential SMS market is twice as big as the actual one. The operators
have not understood how to take advantage of the enormous extra earnings
that can be made in relation to SMS.

- Compared to Denmark, the earnings on SMS are three times as high in Norway
and twice as high in Sweden. In Denmark only 3-4 % of the mobile operators'
earnings come from SMS.

- New ways of invoicing will help to increase the earnings on SMS services.

Furthermore, this report will show that many operators do not understand the
possibilities connected to VAS (Value Added Services) in general and to SMS
specifically. At the same time they do not know how to market them.

Development within SMS is far from over. There are still a number of
unexploited opportunities for new SMS services, and within current business
models, that operators can use to maximize their earnings. The premium SMS
services are a great success, which shows that customers are more than
willing to pay the price it costs to receive certain services -- services
that the many operators are handing out for free.

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