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At Strand Consult we have taken the consequence and made a follow-up on our SMS report from 1999. Among other areas, this report covered the market for SMS and 9 Nordic operators. We looked at what services they could offer and accentuated the possibilities within using SMS actively and as a natural part of the product palette.

The development within SMS on the Swedish and Norwegian market is much better at taking advantage of the commercial potential in SMS, than the Danish market. Compared to Denmark, the earnings on SMS are three times as high in Norway and twice as high in Sweden. In Denmark only 3-4 % of the mobile operators’ earnings come from SMS.

Where you aware of the fact, that within the first year after the launch of premium SMS messages with a media content, in Norway, the value of SMS exceeded the value of Internet advertising. It has been estimated that within year 2001 Norwegian telcos will be selling for more than Euro 60 millions worth of content on SMS. How long do you want to give your services away for free?

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