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The Moment of Truth - a portrait of the mobile market in Denmark 2003.

A new report on the Danish mobile market, looking at the challenges facing Operators, Handset manufacturers and retailers, and how these will influence their business.

The mobile market has in the last years experienced fierce competition. Declining voice and SMS prices, and the unbalanced focus on growing the customer base. Penetration has reached a point where it is difficult to find new attractive segments, compared to the acquisition cost, and ARPU.
We believe this year will be a turning point, where a number of the conditions will change. The conditions will change the view on the handsets, which has to be subsidized, marketed and sold.

-Voice and SMS prices can't be squeezed further until growth in voice usage rises
-Introduction of handset with color screens, MMS and camera
-Alternative distribution through new channels
-Direct sale of terminals form Operators
-Loyalty programs towards existing customers

There is a lot of talk about the future, but how does the sales staff in shops handle the new technologies? Do they know enough about the products, are they able to advice on the new types of subscriptions, and what is their attitude towards discount companies like e.g. Telmore.

This report describes in detail the sales process in the business-to-business market for mobile phones in Denmark as experienced by the customer. It is a comprehensive analysis of all phases of the sales
process, from initial contact to final contract. The survey and analysis is based on XX visits to shops across Y different chains of both specialist, retail and operator owned shops.

The report provides answers to questions such as:

-The average duration of the sale
-How the sales assistants priorities time spend with customer
-What role the operators play
-The role the terminals play
-Which products do the sales assistants expose and recommend
-The use of POS material
-The difference between different distribution channels.
-What features are unique to the Danish market.

This report has already been sold to each of the network operators in the
Danish mobile market and a number of other operators.

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