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International Conference Calendar:
You can meet us at one of the following international open conferences,
where we have been invited to speak:

Seventh Annual Public Policy Symposium on the Law & Economics of Privacy and Data Security
May 10, 2019, Arlington, USA
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Seventh Annual Public Policy Symposium on the Law &
Economics of Privacy and Data Security
May 10th , 2019, George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School in Arlington, USA

IEEE ComSoc International Communications Quality and Reliability Workshop
April 16th-18th, 2019, Naples, Florida, USA
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Perspectives on data privacy from the Federal Trade Commission and
Department of Justice AEI
April 3, 2019, Washington, USA

Mobile World Congress - GSMA GLOMO Awards
February 26th, 2019, Barcelona, Spain
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January 20th - 23th, 2019, Honolulu

Privacy: What is the Way Forward?
January 16th, 2019, USA
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September 21th - 22th, 2018, USA

Telecom World Berlin
April 17th - 19th, 2018, Berlin, Germany

Citi Telecom Conference
March 20th - 21th, 2018, London, UK

State of The Net
January 29th, 2018, Washington DC, USA
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The Future of Telecom Policy, by R Street Institute and Lincoln Network
November 28th, 2017, Washington, USA

2017 National Lawyers Convention
November 16th, 2017, Washington, USA

Foro de la ACDC sobre "Competencia y Regulación: la búsqueda de la eficiencia en el mercado de telecomunicaciones"
October 27th, 2017, Bogota, Columbia
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Modernizing US Telecom Law: Lessons from Denmark
October 17th, 2017, Washington, USA
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Connected Europe 2017
October 11th - 12th, 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

Challenges of Competition in Telecommunications and Broadcasting Forum
September 27th - 28th, 2017, Mexico City

Net Neutrality, George Washington Student Chapter
September 21, 2017, Washington, USA
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The 45th Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy
September 8th - 9th, 2017
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Aspen Institute Event
August 13th - 16th, 2017, Aspen, USA
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Aspen Institute Dialogue on Diplomacy and Technology
August 2th - 4th, 2017, USA
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28th ITS European Conference of the International Telecommunications Society
August 1st, 2017, Passau, Germany
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5th Annual Congress of Telecommunications in Latin America
June 19th - 22th, 2017, Colombia
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Viva Technology Paris
June 15th - 17th, 2017, Paris, France
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American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark
June 7th, 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Principio de neutralidad de red y su relación con el régimen de libre competencia
April 28, 2017, Pontifical Xavierian University, Colombia

Digital regulation Forum 2017: Winners and losers: Will the future EU electronic communications code deliver the Gigabit Society?
March 28th - 29th, 2017, London, UK

EU Digital Single Market: Breaking Down Barriers
March 11th, 2017, Austin, USA
About the event

Trump and the Administrative State: What is the future of the FCC?
March 10th, 2017, San Fransisco, USA
About the event

The Future of the Open Internet in the Trump Era
March 9th, 2017, Stanford, USA
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The Internet Governance Forum
December 6th - 9th, 2016, Mexico
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Challenges of Competition in Telecommunications and Broadcasting 2016 
November 15th - 16th, Mexico City

Meeting for the Assembly of the Ibero-American Organization of Telecommunications (OTI)
November 16th, 2016, Mexico City, Mexico

World Telemedia 2016
October 18th - 20th 2016, Marbella, Spain
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Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy
September 30th - October 1st, 2016, Washington, USA

11. Taller internacional de regulación economía digital: El futuro estratégico del país
August 29th -  30th, Cartagena, Columbia

Net Neutrality Workshop
June 24th 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Life after U.S. Telecom v. FCC: The Future of Communications Law
June 21th 2016, Washington, USA
About the event

Digital Policy Institute: The "Net-Net" of the Appeals Court's Net Neutrality Decision
June 21th 2016, USA
About the event

EuroDIG 2016
June 9th - 10th 2016, Brussels, Belgium
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Regional Regulators Forum Miami 2016
May 19th - 20th 2016, Miami, USA
About the event

Next generation telecom policy and the digital single market
April 27th 2016, Brussels, Belgium
About the event

10th annual Digital Regulation Forum - Policies for the Digital Single Market: an evolution or a revolution?
April 20th - 21th, 2016, London, UK 

The Telecoms Finance Summit
March 15th - 16th 2016, London

2nd Annual Future of Broadband Competition Conference
December 17th, 2015, USA

2015 National Lawyers Convention
November 12th - 14th, 2015, Washington, USA
November 12th, 2015, Fornebu, Norway

15th Annual Capacity Europe
November 2th - 4th, 2015, Paris

Fit for Purpose Networks event / Broadband World Forum
October 20th - 22th 2015, London, UK

ND Digital Market Summit
October 14th 2015, Bruxelles, Belgium

Total Telecom IPX Summit 2015
September 29th - October 1st 2015, London

TelecomWorld Nextstep 2015
September 25th 2015, Oslo, Norway

43rd Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy
September 25th - 27th 2015, George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, Virginia, USA

The Prepaid Press Expo and Financial Mobility trade show
August 12th - 13th 2015, Las Vegas, USA

Telecommunications in Montenegro - Contribution of digital economy to society development
June 26th 2015, Podgorica, Montenegro

Cable Academic Workshop
5th May 2015, Northwestern University School of Law, USA

9th Digital Regulation Forum
April 28th - 29th 2015, London, UK

TV Connect - Monetising the Evolution of TV Everywhere
April 28th - 30th 2015, London, UK

Global Telecom Business CFO Summit
March 24th - 25th 2015, London, UK

Mobile World Congress
March 2th - 5th 2015, Barcelona, Spain

FCC Roundtable on Mobile Broadband
September 16th 2014
About the event

Telecommunications Policy Research Conference
September 12th - 14th 2014
About the event

AEI-FCC Regulating the Evolving Broadband Ecosystem*
September 10th - 12th 2014
About the event

IGF 2014 Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality
September 2th - 5th 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

42nd Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy - TPRC

September 12th - 14th 2014, Arlington, USA

Internet Governance Forum, Istanbul
September 2-5, 2014
About the event

Internet Innovation Alliance Event with FCC Event with Ajit Pai
July 29th, 2014
About the event

Title II Regulations and its potential impact
July 24th. 2014, USA

A New Digital Agenda for Europe ETNO
April 30, 2014, Brussels

Informa TV Connect “Do CDNs violate net neutrality?”
March 19th, 2014
About the event 

MCTA - Shaping the Future of Mobile Markets
May 12th - 13th 2014, Frankfurt am Main Germany

TV Connect 2014
March 18th - 20th 2014, London, UK

U.S. Senate Hearing: Competition in the Wireless Market
February 26th, 2014, USA
About the presentation

SWIFT Nordics Conference
November 20th - 21th 2013, Stockholm Sweden

24th European Regional Conference of the International Telecommunications Society
October 20th - 23th 2013, Florence Italy

Fiber to the Home Council Europe Investors Day
October 2th 2013, Brussels

ICMB 2013
June 10 - 13th, Berlin

Telecruise 2013
April 24-26th 2013, Oslo - Kiel

Hello CPH 2013
March 7th, 2013, Copenhagen 

Copenhagen Gulltasten
November 8th 2012, Oslo

Futurecom 2012
8-11th October 2012, Rio de Janeiro

Telecruise 2012
17-19 April 2012, Oslo/Kiel

Hello CPH 2012
15th March 2012, Copenhagen

MCTA 2012
30-31th January 2012, Berlin

14 October 2011, Oslo

8-9 October 2011, Stockholm

Mobile Advertising Conference
29th September 2011, Copenhagen

Futurecom 2011
12-14th September 2011, Sao Paulo

Moving on
May 3rd 2011, Odense

March 23rd 2011, Copenhagen

Mobile Payments
25-26th January 2011, Stockholm

Broadband Services Forum
23-24th November, Warsaw

Next Step 2010
2-3rd November 2010, Oslo

Innovation Exchange
14th October 2010, Copenhagen

Managed Services World Congress 2010
28-29th September 2010, Berlin

Prepaid Mobile 2010
27-30th September 2010, Barcelona

22-23rd September 2010, Tønsberg

Embedded Connectivity 2010
22-23rd September 2010, London

Mobile Forum
15th September 2010, Copenhagen

Cloud Mobility 2010
14-15th September 2010, Amsterdam

MVNO Summit LatAM
26th May 2010, São Paulo

Telecruise 2010
26-28th May 2010, Oslo

MVNO Industry Summit 2010
11-12th May 2010, Barcelona

Mobile Marketing
25th March 2010, Copenhagen

16th March 2010, Copenhagen

Future Broadband
23rd February 2010, Copenhagen

Embedded Mobility and Managed Services Growth Markets
26-27th January 2010, London

Internet Hungary Conference
14th October 2009, Budapest

Bredbåndsdagene Norge
7-8th October 2009, Oslo

Eco Kongress: 10 Jahre Mobile
30th September 2009, Cologne

LatAm Retail Forum
22-23rd September 2009, São Paulo

Low Cost VAS Portfolios
21th September 2009, London

Bredbåndsdagene Danmark
9-10th September 2009, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Future TV conference
26-27th August 2009, Copenhagen

3rd Digital Broadcasting Conference
27-28th August 2009, Tallinn

Digimedia 2009
June 24th ,Prague

TeleCruise 2009
27-28th May 2009, Oslo

Mobile Operator Smart Pipes & Applications 2009
18-19th May 2009, London

MVNO Summit 2009
13-14th May 2009, Barcelona

MVNO Innovation and Executive Forum 2009
6-8th May 2009, London

Services & Outsourcing Summit
30th March - 2 June 2009, Lisboa

Tele 2009
March 10th 2009, Copenhagen

25-26th February, Copenhagen

Digitale Telenett
6-7th January 2009, Trondheim

Mobile Payments & Banking
10th December 2008, Stockholm

Mobile TV Asia Summit
5th December 2008, Singapore

5th Nordic Mobile Media Conference
3-4th December 2008, Tallinn

24-25th November 2008, Vienna

Financial Services Conference 2008
23rd October 2008, Copenhagen

Mobile TV Central & Eastern Europe
21th October 2008, Budapest

Workshops about the Brazilian Telecom Market
3rd October 2008, Rio de Janeiro

Workshops about the Brazilian Telecom Market
30th Sepetember - 2th October 2008, Sao Paulo

Workshops about the Brazilian Telecom Market
29th September 2008, Brasilia

Invest In Denmark
28th August 2008, Skoerping

Greenland at the centre of the world, Sarfarissoq Conference
18-20th August 2008, Nuuk Greeland

OPEX & CAPEX World Forum
25-26th June 2008, London

Central European Mobile Media Conference
28-29th May 2008, Budapest

Mobile Banking and Payments 2008
28-29th April 2008, Copenhagen

Managed Services for Telecoms Operators in Developing Markets
28-29th April 2008, Dubai

Managed Services & Outsourcing conference
7-9th April 2008, Monaco

World Telemedia
31-1th April 2008, Budapest

New Payment Channels
10-11th March 2008, London

Tele 2008, Megatrends in the Telco & Media industry
26th February 2008, Copenhagen

Branding Strategies for Telecoms Operators
19-22nd November 2007, Vienna

Nordic Mobile Media
13-14th November 2007, Helsinki

International Wireless Conference
November 2007, Dublin

World Telemedia
8-9th November 2007, Prague

Mobile Roaming Europe
29-31th October 2007, Prague

Internet Hungary conference
16-17th October 2007, Budapest

Telecoms Churn Management and Customer Retention
3rd - 4th October 2007, London

Estonian ICT Annual Conference
20-21th September 2007, Talinn

Mobile User Generated Content & Social Networking Forum 2007
12-14th September 2007, Rome

Telecoms M&A
26-27th June 2007, London

MVNO and Mobile Brands World Congress
12-14th June 2007, Berlin

2nd Annual Successful MVNO Business Strategies Conference
21-23rd May 2007, Barcelona

Central European Mobile Media conference
16-17th May 2007, Prague

MVNOs 2007: Strategies for Brands and Mobile Operators
14-15th May 2007, Prague

World Telemedia
26-27th April 2007, Amsterdam

HSxPA & Wimax Conference
27-28th February 2007, Vienna
26-27th February 2007, Warsaw

New Payment Channels 2007
21-22nd February 2007, London

Telecom Time Conference
12th December 2006, Utrecht

Reaping the Rewards of a Digital Age
21-22nd November 2006, London

Branding Strategies For Telecom Operators
13-16th November 2006, Lisboa

World Telemedia
8-10 November 2006, Budapest

Mobile Services Nordic Summit
October 17-18th 2006, Kista

MVNO Content Strategies 2006
September 19-20th 2006, London

Nordic Mobile Media
September 6-7th 2006, Riga

Telecoms Loyalty & Churn conference
July 10-14th 2006, Amsterdam

Unlicensed Mobile Access Event
June 27th-29th 2006, Barcelona

International Conference on Mobile Business
June 26-27th 2006, Copenhagen

NOT 2006
June 21th 2006, Rotterdam

Outsourcing for Mobile
June 19-21th 2006, Lisbon

The Next Generation MVNO Forum
May 22-23rd 2006, Barcelona

2nd Annual Mobile Customer Retention and Loyalty Congress
April 25-27th 2006, Cannes

MVNO Summit Europe
April 3-5th 2006, Berlin

CRM for Mobile Operators
December 5-8th 2005, Nice

iMobicon Korea 2005 - International Mobile Business Conference
November 29-30th 2005, Seoul

German Industry Network ECO Forum
November 18th 2005, Düsseldorf

World Telemedia Amsterdam
November 16-18th 2005, Amsterdam

Nordic Mobile Media Conference
November 3-4th 2005, Vilnius

tel.con 05
September 26-28th 2005, Austria

MVNO Strategies & Markets
September 20th - 22nd 2005, London

Expo Celular 2005
August 16th 2005, Sao Paolo

Telecruise 2005
May 29-31rd 2005, Oslo-Kiel

World Telemedia 2005
20-22nd April 2005, Prague

Mobile Branding, Marketing & Advertising 2005
21-23rd March 2005, Singapore

3GSM World Congress
14-17th February 2005, Cannes

Telecom Time
15th December 2004, The Netherlands

World Telemedia
7-9th November 2004, Lisbon

Messaging 2004
20-21th October, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

28-29th September 2004, London

Mobile Application Platforms & OS
20-21st September 2004, London

Baltic Sea Mobile Media Conference
2-3th Sept 2004, Riga

F-MMS Summit
23th June 2004, Bonn

Mobile Messaging Americas 2004
2-3th June 2004, Miami

Global Messaging 2004
11-12th May 2004, London

World Telemedia Conference
26-29th April 2004, Amsterdam

CTIA Wireless 2004
22-24th March 2004. Atlanta

World Telemedia 2003
3-5th November 2003, Prague

Mobile Sales & Distribution Channels
26-27th June 2003, London

Optimising Distribution Channels
25th June 2003, London

Mobile Messaging Americas
11-12th June 2003, Miami

9th GPRS conference
13-14th May 2003, Amsterdam

World Telemedia
27-29th April, Amsterdam

Mobile Commerce
15-16th April 2003, London

Telecom 2003
9-10th April, Copenhagen

Mobile Marketing Forum
24th March 2003, Vienna

Mobile Brands, Re-Branding & Co-Branding
18th March 2003, London

How to make money on Premium SMS
7th March 2003, Dublin

3GSM World Congress
18-21th February 2003, Cannes.

Handheld Devices & Mobile Terminals Forum 2003
29-30th January 2003, London

Mobile Communications Summit
20th January 2003 in London

Upselling Mobile Products and Services
10-12th December in London

Smartphones and Smartphone Platforms
4-5th of December, Amsterdam

Mobile Wholesale Seminar
4th December 2002, Berlin

Digital Media Industry
27th November 2002 in Oslo

Mobile Games
26-27th November 2002 in London

M-Services at UMTS-MI 2002
3rd October 2002 in Paris

MMS 2002
18-19th September 2002 in Lisbon

Launching Appealing Services to Achieve ROI
18-19th September 2002 London

Distribution Channels for Mobile
27-28th June 2002, London

OSA Forum
25-26th June 2002 London

Bluetooth Congress 2002
11-14th June 2002 Amsterdam

Defining Mobile Device Market Strategies
28-29th May 2002 London

Mobile Consumer Electronics
28-29th May 2002

i-mode in Europe
27-28th May 2002 London

Mobile Payments & Commerce
23-24th May 2002 London

SMS Congress
14-15th May 2002, London

Mobile News Awards 2002
8-9th May 2002 in London

World Tele Media
17 -19th April 2002, Amsterdam

Mobile News Awards
6th March 2002, London

The 3GSM World Congress
19-22th February 2002, Cannes

SMS Event 2002
12 - 14th February 2002, London

Mobile Multimedia Devices
4-5th December 2001 amsterdam

Danish Telecoms
29-30th October 2001 Copenhagen

eScandinavia Mobility and Convergence
4th October 2001 Copenhagen

2-3th October 2001 in London

XHTML and Next Generation WAP
12-13th November 2001 Amsterdam

Mobile Messaging Service
5-9th November 2001 Singapore

Mobile Distribution Channels
5-6th November 2001 in London

Cisco Strategy Group
28th November 2001 Norway

Mobile Multimedia Devices Conference
4-5th December 2001 Amsterdam

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